Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Premiere - 5 Early Reactions You Need To See

Which character have fans at the New York premiere singled out as the best?

Last night, the New York premiere for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice took place. While it wasn't the first screening of the movie, it was the first time it's been put in front of an English speaking audience, and the fanfare in the Big Apple was huge as the entire cast showed up on the black carpet. However, among the celebrities and critics in attendance were plenty of fans and regular people who shared their reactions almost immediately on Twitter after the screening. There weren€™t a huge amount of people voicing their opinions despite the fact that the premiere was packed full of people, but of the twenty or so which have been unearthed, these five stand out as the most noteworthy. Now, the reactions from comic book fans and those in attendance understandably excited to see some of their favourite actors in person and a movie they€™re looking forward to nearly a week early may not carry the same weight as reviews from the likes of Empire and Variety, but they ARE important, and word of mouth is vital to almost everything to hit the big screen in terms of how well they then perform at the box office. So, with that in mind, what's the verdict on Batman V Superman? These Tweets shed some light on that, and so far, it looks like we're all definitely in for a surprise come Friday...
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