Batman V Superman: First Official Look At Batmobile

We deserve something better than iPhone snaps...

Just last night we were swooning over our first proper look at the wheels Ben Affleck's Dark Knight would be sitting behind for the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Thanks to covert snaps taking on the film's Detroit set, we discovered the Batmobile in question was sleek but well equipped, a cross between a Bruce Wayne-friendly sportscar and the tank-like vehicle driven in the classic Frank Miller comic The Dark Knight Returns. Well, not a few short hours after we'd all gotten in such a tizzy did Warner Bros give the okay for our first actually official look at the new Batmobile, with photographer Clay Enos stating "iPhone photography is great but some things deserve better." Zack Snyder was even more upfront about combatting the leak, tweeting the pic with: "Here€™s a real picture of the Batmobile". He's right you know. That is a real Batmobile. Foregoing the more realistic tumbler from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy for something a little more larger-than-life and comic book-like, this new Batmobile still retains some of that militarised feel, with big chunky tires and armour plating up the wazoo. The thing that's got us most intrigued is the gun turret sitting front and centre like a hood ornament (that's gonna get you respect quicker than a Mercedes badge). Doesn't Batman, like, not use guns? Is that a special addition to deal with the near-invulnerable Kryptonian threat who levelled Metropolis and looks to be in the Caped Crusader's sights? Does it just fire water, like a souped-up super soaker? Guess we'll see when Dawn Of Justice finally comes out at the start of 2016.
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