Batman v Superman IMAX Preview Attendees Actually Get To See The Movie Early

Special reward for those who made the trip to the trailer showings.

Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice Ticket When Zack Snyder promised "swag" to those who attended to IMAX screening of the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, I doubt that very many would have expected to get the brilliant prize Warner Bros. had in wait. Because for those who turned up to see the promo even after it - or something 95% like it - had leaked online, the surprise bonus was a ticket to see the full film and around a week early. So next March, one week ahead of the film's opening, the studio will hold some fan screenings and those who made the trip to IMAX last night have already got their ticket in hand. Well, they did have it in hand. Instructions meant they needed to fill in their e-mail address and give it back. I dare say there will be many more seats available at the screenings and WB will make these available closer to the time, give them away in future promotions and maybe even put them on sale for all-comers, but the Batman v. Superman hardcore have already been rewarded. The downside of this, perhaps, is that it's such a great giveaway that it might be hard to top. Batman v. Superman is expected to reach UK cinemas on March 25th 2016, or a week or so earlier for the lucky few.
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