Batman v Superman Is Seen And Called Amazing

According to the studio that made it!

When the trailer for Batman vs. Superman dropped I wasn't convinced. Maybe it was the relentlessly dark mood and aesthetic, or just that I haven't come to terms with Man of Steel yet, but the enterprise came across as hollow and passe. However Den of Geek are reporting that an in-house screening at Warner was so well received, that executives rose to their feet in applause. It's also being suggested that Affleck's performance is the movie's greatest asset, and that when all's said and done, he might finally put to rest the question of a definitive Batman. Of course it's important to take all this with a pinch of salt. Warner know what they're doing; they've been making great movies for almost a century and the DC Universe is now one of their most important assets. You can be assured that if news of a successful screening is leaking, they're really happy with the film. But...
It is their product, and they are selling it to you, so it's appropriate to be mindful when checking expectations. I'm confident Affleck has done something really cool here (he always intrigued me, even when the movie didn't), but that doesn't mean his performance, or the film itself will definitively play ball with the better Nolan efforts. There's also the question of Man of Steel, which without seeming cynical,was one of the coldest & dullest blockbusters in recent memory. It's great news that Warner are enthusiastic, and reportedly positioning Affleck at the centre of the DC-Universe, but it pays to give ol' man context his due before getting swept away in the hype. If you were trying to shift tickets for a major event, you wouldn't advertise it as anything less than stellar. We can all make up our minds next March, but for now two things are certain. The film will be massive and I'm looking forward to it more than I was a week ago.
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