Batman V Superman: Zack Snyder Really Did Have A Voice Cameo

Got him.

Batman V Superman Knightmare Zack Snyder
Warner Bros

Zack Snyder has made a number of reveals regarding Batman v Superman in recent months, using his platform on social network Vero to engage with fans and give a few behind-the-scenes facts.

He's already confirmed a number of theories, from Clark Kent being the inspiration for Bruce Wayne becoming a hero to Darkseid's involvement in BvS, and now he's confirmed another long-held fan theory: namely, that he has a voice cameo in the movie.

Once again on Vero (via Reddit), Snyder was asked if it was he who the henchman who says "Yeah we got it," to which Snyder replied "Got me."


The character appears in the dream sequence which sees Bruce taken to Superman, and if nothing else it's a fun little Easter egg for fans, which are still being found over two years after the movie's release, although no doubt Snyder will confirm on Vero in a couple of months that it has some much deeper meaning.

What do you think of Snyder's cameo? Let us know down in the comments.


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