Batman vs Superman: 10 Casting Choices They Must Make

Bryan Cranston We were all blown away last week when it was announced that Ben Affleck will be putting on the cape and cowl to play Batman in Zack Snyder's hugely-anticipated Batman vs. Superman. Though it's unlikely that any upcoming announcement could top that for the sheer WTF factor, there's a lot of casting left to take place, presuming that no actors from Christopher Nolan's Batman films will be joining Affleck in the Batman portion of the movie (as this would just confuse general audiences). Recasting iconic characters who have been made as memorably their own as Michael Caine's Alfred and so on certainly won't be easy, and if Snyder and co. screw it up, they'll be losing half the battle before they even think about what Supes is going to get up to in the movie, as well as the villains the pair might be facing (assuming that Bats and Supes will end up teaming up). Here are 10 casting choices that they absolutely must make...

10. Jesse Eisenberg Is Jimmy Olsen

Jesse Eisenberg There was a lot of speculation prior to Man of Steel's release that the young woman (played by actress Rebecca Buller) seen running away from a falling building with Perry White was, in fact, going to be a rebooted version of the Jimmy Olsen character, a female equivalent called Jenny Olsen. Though the film itself only slyly refers to her first name, the theory about a female Jimmy was mostly debunked due to a visible nametag in a pre-release image, revealing her name to be Jurwich. So, that leaves a spot vacant for Jimmy to show up in Batman vs. Superman, and really, is there anyone better-suited for the role than the Master of Awkwardness himself, Jesse Eisenberg? All Eisenberg would have to do is essentially reprise a less-assured version of his Mark Zuckerberg role - make him more jittery and nervous - and you've pretty much got solid gold.
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