Beckinsale, Dillon, Farmiga, Falco & Alda in Rod Lurie's 'truthful' drama

Rod Lurie for quite some time, I have yet to see one of his films. However that should soon change when the Samuel L. Jackson/Josh Hartnett drama Resurrecting the Champ is released later this year. That movie looked awesome and is getting some terrific buzz, especially for Jackson's performance which is said to be the best of his career for many years. Variety aren't talking about that movie today though, they wish to discuss what Lurie will be helming as his next feature. They report that is set to be Nothing but the Truth, a political drama about a female news reporter who outs a CIA agent and is later imprisoned for not revealing her sources. Some big names are already attached to this thing. Kate Beckinsale is said to be in talks for the journalist, Matt Dillon the prosecutor, the awesome Vera Farmiga as the CIA agent, Edie Falco as the newspaper editor who published the article which outed the CIA agent and Alan Alda as the attorney who tries to free the reporter from jail. The story although fictional is said to parallel that of the real-life case involving CIA agent Valerie Plumb and New York Times reported Judith Miller. A tentative production start of October is planned with the story set to be told from the perspective of the exposed CIA agent rather than the news reporter, which would make Farmiga the lead of the film which seems to make sense. She is a far stronger actress than Beckinsale who would probably be out of her depth leading such a big film. Great cast then overall... this sounds like a very interesting project. Rod Lurie's earlier film The Contender is said to deal with similar political themes, so that might be worth checking out before this film comes together.

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