Before the Devil Knows Your Dead trailer!

Before the Devil Knows Your Dead before today but wow the trailer, I'm blown away by the trailer. And the cast. Just look at the frikkin' cast... Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Marisa Tomei and Albert Finney. Talk about people who are ACTORS first and STARS second. 83 year old living legend Sidney Lumet shot the movie...

Needing extra cash, two brothers conspire to pull off the perfect, victimless crime. No guns, no violence, no problem. But when an accomplice ignores the rules and crosses the line, his actions trigger a series of events in which no one is left unscathed.
The trailer is in French and it feels like it goes on forever and gives way too much away but it's a fascinating watch and Marisa Tomei gets her tits out for the trailer! No I'm really not kidding! This is a must see trailer if there ever was one. Boy I love the French! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NSFW TRAILER No word on a release date yet but I'm blown away by the trailer and of course when Lumet really turns it on, there's very few who are better. source - solace in cinema, filmstalker


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