Behind-the-scenes of PRINCE OF PERSIA

If you get over the obvious and rather embarrassing flirtation attempt from an ET presenter with star Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of PRINCE OF PERSIA just outside of London then you can actually enjoy a very early glimpse at how the Memorial Day 2010 release is shaping up. Great to see Gyllenhaal doing as much of the action as he can, though I was less than impressed by Gemma Arteton's school of Keira Knightley/PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN over sword play acting. And how did producer Jerry Bruckheimer manage to keep a straight face when he said the photography he hadn't seen the likes of since LAWRENCE OF ARABIA?


Not enough shown to really have much of an opinion on this, can't wait to see how the great Ben Kingsley shapes up in this franchise. Mike Newell (HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE) directs. This should be the greatest video game adaptation of all time and should set the precedent for the future. source - et online
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