'Being John Malkovich' Comes To Criterion Blu-ray in May

Certified Copy, La Haine and two Ingmar Bergman classics Summer Interlude and Summer With Monika to add to your Criterion Blu-ray Collection in May.

Dubbed "The Most Absurd Hollywood Movie Ever?", the fantastic and trippy Spike Jonze fantasy film "Being John Malkovich" gets the headline Criterion Blu-ray treatment in May, packed full with some delightful extras. Though I must say usually Criterion are absurdly spot on with their selection cover choice for each month but the Malkovich set isn't the artwork I would have chosen. Sure it's a fun idea but damnit I want my Being John Malkovich Blu-ray to be full of Malkovich's in dresses and make-up. Artwork is below; Being John Malkovich's Criterion Blu-ray comes with selective scene audio commentary from Michel Gondry (who had nothing to do with the movie except he is friends of writer Charlie Kaufman), two documentaries by collaborator Lance Bangs, two films-within-the film and a conversation between John Malkovich and humorist John Hodgman. Sadly there's no new Spike Jonze DVD commentary to add, which is something of a crime I must say. Here's the back cover image with the extras; Also coming to Blu-ray is Abbas Kiarostami's sharp Certified Copy, which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival two years ago and again hasn't been granted with the cover I would have gone for, which would have simply been the film's poster. Matthieu Kassovitz's La Haine gets the upgrade from Criterion DVD to Blu-ray; And then you can enjoy the summer come in with two more Ingmar Bergman classics, "Summer Interlude" and "Summer With Monika".

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