Ben Affleck Gets Top Billing In Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

It's official, Batman trumps Superman.

Batman Ben Affleck The official website for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's Batman v. Superman movie has been updated with a credit block. At first glance, there are two points of particular interest. First of all, there's the top billing for Ben Affleck. Original statements painted this film as a sequel to Man of Steel, which would suggest that Henry Cavill's Superman would be the protagonist, and that in turn suggests he would get top billing. Of course, Affleck's star status might have afforded his agent all kinds of leverage in negotiation, and so Batman may indeed be second fiddle to Superman in this story. The credit block doesn't have to reflect narrative as much as it does bargain power and Hollywood rank. The other interesting point is perhaps more minor. You'll notice that Gal Gadot is credited, but Jason Momoa isn't, even while we know Aquaman will make some kind of appearance in the film. This suggests the possibility of other characters appearing, from Cyborg to The Flash, as we know they have been cast. They shouldn't be ruled out from showing up just because they're not listed here. That Wonder Woman is mentioned alongside the two title stars probably tells us she's got more screen time than the rest of the Justice League. For now, though, it'll be hard to extrapolate this into anything more meaningful. Batman v. Superman will be along in March of next year when all of the mysteries of this credit block will become things of the past.
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