Ben Affleck's Batman Movie Might Be Set In Arkham Asylum


Batfleck Arkham Asylum
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Remember when I said not so long ago that I'd love to see Ben Affleck adapt Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth? If one rumour is to be believed, I may be about to get my wish. Sort of.

According to BOF (Batman-On-Film), the latest rumour to take wing suggests that Affleck's Batman movie will be set in Arkham Asylum. The Bat will apparently find himself locked up in Gotham's most famous penitentiary, and would no doubt be tasked with fighting his way out.

The caveat here is that Ben Affleck has already said that he is making an original story, but given the use of classic texts in Batman v Superman, it's more likely that he and Geoff Johns will use existing works as a foundation for their script. That would make it possible to adapt both A Serious House and indeed the best elements of the Arkham video games.


This rumour of course lines up with the older suggestion from BirthMoviesDeath that Batman would be facing many of his most famous villains, so that's probably reason enough to get completely carried away.

The most intriguing part of the rumour says that Affleck's Batman will be unlike anything we've seen before. Putting him in Arkham would surely mean we're either going to get an action horror (which would be awesome) or a Batman/Die Hard amalgamation (which would also be incredible). We already know DC semi-wanted to make an Arkham Asylum film - albeit


Please, Ben, let this be true.

We've already discussed the possibility of Ben Affleck adapting Arkham Asylum - read why it'd be a great idea by clicking here.

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