Oscar Wilde's classic novel about narcissism, homosexuality and the fear of aging to be adapted by the makers of St. Trinian's and with Ben Barnes to star.

The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of my favourite novels of all time - the only completed novel published by Oscar Wilde and one that has seen many great adaptations down the years on screen and in theatres. Now, unsurprisingly in this revisionist movement of re-adaptating classic novels and a resurgence of classic horror - the great novel is on it's way back to the big screen. The Hollywood Reporter say Ben Barnes (the star of Prince Caspian) will play the lead role. The novel is one I've read three times. It's the meaningful story of Dorian Gray, a man who becomes obsessed with his own physical beauty in a painting that he commissioned to be made of himself. He soon comes to the realisation though that one day his beauty will fade whilst his image will stay young and handsome in the painting. He wishes it was the other way round, so his painting would age whilst he would stay young. Well be careful what you wish for of course. It's a haunting and dark tale that deals with narcissism, homosexuality and the fear of aging.


The role requires an extremely handsome actor, and they have most certainly found that in Barnes - however I always thought Stuart Townsend did an amazing job physically and creatively in the role for the ensemble movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and I would have loved to have seen him given a full feature to work with. However I like that this movie is happening though I'm not so sure about it's creative team... The movie will be produced and directed by the team who collaborated on St. Trinian's last year (eugh!) and who are already putting plans together for a sequel.

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