Ben Mendelsohn Circles Villain Role In Spielberg's Ready Player One

He's just so damn good at being the bad guy.

Talk about being typecast. Ben Mendelsohn (Star Wars: Rogue One, Netflix€™s Bloodline) is in final negotiations for a villainous role in Steven Spielberg€™s hotly-anticipated adaptation of cult novel Ready Player One; you may remember that last month we also reported that the actor was also in negotiations to play the villain in DC/Warner Bros€™ Justice League Dark movie. No word yet on whether one would impact the other, although that€™s usually how these things play out. From the sound of things Mendelsohn is a lot closer to Ready Player One, so it€™s probably safe to say that he€™s a lock for the film. The story centres around a virtual world where a young man finds himself searching for its creator€™s vast fortune, the clues to its location hidden within the game. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl€™s Olivia Cooke has already joined the cast as the lead female role, Art3mis, and Mendelsohn would be inhabiting a ruthless executive named Nolan Sorrento, who has designs on the online world, called Oasis. From the way things are heating up with this production, it€™s safe to say that this will definitely be Spielberg€™s next project after The BFG. Fans of the book maintain that it€™s pretty f*cking great, so this€™ll definitely be one to watch. Keep an eye out for more casting announcements soon! Ready Player One is currently scheduled for release on 15 December 2017.

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