Bettany & Connelly to tell us about CREATION

Biopic of Charles Darwin and his wife, from the writer of MASTER AND COMMANDER.

After ironically struggling to get the horror movie Born into the filming stages earlier this year, The Hollywood Reporter say that real life couple Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly will try again to work on a movie together with a film titled Creation. Similar title, though this is a completely different project and is actually extremely interesting. The movie is a biopic of Charles Darwin, which will see Bettany play the founder of the theory of evolution and Connelly his wife Emma. It will be based on the novel Annie's Box which was written by Darwin's Great Grandson Randal Keynes and has been adapted for screen by John Collee.

"John Collee's compelling script tells the remarkable story behind Darwin's revolutionary theory and the foundation of a book that changed the world," said Oscar-winning producer Jeremy Thomas, the force behind the project. "We think of Darwin as an old man with a gray beard. The reality of our story is very different."
Collee was the screenwriter of Master and Commander, a movie that Bettany himself gave his best on screen performance to date back in 2003 and was shamefully robbed of an Academy Award nomination. Jon Amiel - helmer of The Core, Entrapment and The Man Who Knew Too Little will direct. The movie will depict the conflict between Darwin and his deeply religious wife, who believed in God creating man... something that Darwin was attempting to prove as false. It will be a compelling story of a scientist who finds himself caught in between faith, reason, love and truth. Sounds absolutely fascinating, I never realised that Darwin's wife was so religious... a heavy burden for a scientist who as each day grew older was proving more and more convincingly that God doesn't exist. Shooting on the Recorded Picture Co. and BBC Films production begins in September on location in England with Jeremy Northam, Toby Jones and Benedict Cumberbatch supporting. The key role of Annie has yet to be cast.

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