Bhutto movie in the works

"We have not decided yet . It could be someone famous or a completely new face. There are possibilities that some of the scenes would be shot in India, but we are not sure."
She adds:
"The basic motive behind this announcement is just to dedicate this film to Benazir Bhutto. The film is going to be released internationally, and we don't want to create any controversy with this film."
Recent years have seen a surge in films that are kind of, but not quite biopics dealing with known real-life figures. A MIGHTY HEART, DOWNFALL and THE QUEEN immediately spring to mind; while FROST/NIXON, VALKYRIE and the Freddie Mercury picture SOMEBODY TO LOVE are galloping toward us. Anyone who can come up with a catchy name for this sub-genre gets a metaphorical OWF cookie! I have no problem with these kind of films, in some ways reality, or the Hollywood version of it, can be more compelling than fiction. Two of my favourite films of last year, ZODIAC and CONTROL, seem even more powerful when you realise that what you are seeing actually happened in some form. However one thing I don't agree with in regards to the Bhutto film is the crass timing of this announcement. Bhutto has been gone less than a week and even though I'm sure Khan is being sincere, the fact that as soon as she was killed somebody immediately must have thought "movie"... well it doesn't quite sit with me. On the other hand, if the film is great, then will the timing of this announcement matter? Of course the real question, though, is are they looking to make a great film or is the intention to cash in on Bhutto's tragic end? source - hollywood reporter
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