Bidding War Begins Over VOLTRON Film Rights, Could Be In Theatres 2013 or 2014

Voltron - always seen as the lesser toy robot franchise of the 1980's compared to the gigantic Transformers series, has endured a rocky quarter of a decade road to the big screen with creator & rights holder issues forever blocking all studio pitches... that is until now anyway. Vulture say that any red-tape complications that hung over the head of the Voltron franchise has now evaporated and a major bidding war has begun amongst various Hollywood studios all hoping to finance a blockbuster film based on the World Events Productions property, all thinking they can get in on the Transformers cash-cow. Only Relativity Media are named from the bunch the contenders but we do know that Atlas Entertainment producers Charles Roven (behind Nolan's Batman series) and Richard Suckle were looking to develop a script with the new Conan writers Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer last year and concept art was even leaked, so perhaps they are circling and with Roven's home at WB, perhaps the Hollywood major too? Quite frankly, we aren't surprised that several Hollywood majors are probably interested in Voltron and it seems like a no brainer in truth. Transformers has shown that there is a clear audience for this stuff... World Events VP Robert Kopler siad he was 'pretty confident' of a Voltron movie hitting cinema's in 2013 or 2014.
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