Biggest Films of 2012 - Disney/Pixar's Brave

Its got everything; myths, monsters, whimsical Scottish people and a classic Pixar theme...

After kicking things off with The Hunger Games, pulling off a text book save with The Avengers Assemble and initiated a quick counter act with Prometheus; we are welcoming the weekend with an over elaborate football metaphor and Pixar€™s Brave. Release Date: 22nd June (US) 30th June (UK Premiere) WHAT COULD BE AWESOME ABOUT IT: Well.. It€™s Pixar. That€™s enough to moisten the lips of any partially interested film fan to the extent that not even 7 silicon sachets from new electronic equipment can make you parched, (for legal reasons, do not even remotely consider putting this hypothesis to the test). Furthermore, it€™s Pixar with a point to prove after raising the bar 450 miles higher than the animation bar has ever been raised with 2010s Toy Story 3, a film so remarkably brilliant and touching that it still makes grown men weep when they even begin to say the title (for a good example of what I mean; and the potential of Toy Story€™s ability in modern warfare, see this clip from Monty Python and replace the laughter with tears of sadness: ). But then after not coming anywhere near its success with last year€™s baffling choice for a sequel and wholly underwhelming Cars 2, do Pixar still have game? Have they fallen into the €˜just make sequels€™ trap? Take one look at Brave; yes they do have game, and new grounds of originality to back it up with. This film looks nothing short of phenomenal. It€™s not just the physical beauty of the animation, which looks more breathtaking than it ever has, it€™s the amount of intrigue and ingenuity the trailer brings. Scottish set tale of a Princess overcoming expectations to battle a mythical case. Its got everything; myths, monsters, whimsical Scottish people and a classic Pixar theme; in this one over coming forced expectations and (probably at some point) bravery. This looks like Pixar bringing out all its guns to wow us all once more, and I for one canne waaaaait. WHAT COULD SUCK ABOUT IT: My only worry about this film is that it€™s pushing ground Pixar hasn€™t really touched before, usually it brings stories from every day thoughts and ideas from children and adults which people find easy to connect to, for example: Toy Story €“ Do our Toys come alive when we€™re not in the room? A Bugs Life €“ Do they have a little of world like ours down there? Finding Nemo €“ They must be swimming SOMEWHERE right? Up €“ Sometimes I wish I could just fly away from here. Monsters Inc. €“ What is that monster in my closet thinking? Wall-E €“ What would happen if we all became fat and the world as we knew it is covered in billions of tonnes of rubbish that needs to be cleaned by a cute and innocent robot? ...Ahem, you see my point. It could be seen as them pushing new ground, or over stretching themselves to keep originality alive in the company, which is somewhat required with Monsters University coming out at the end of this year as well. This is me merely nit picking though, as I believe this film will do nothing short of kick ass and Pixar have never really done anything wrong (apart from kill Ellie in Up. HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!!?), and won€™t here. Trailer; Predicted Rating: 5/5 Pixar look like their cracking out all their big guns and pushing themselves into brand new territory, which could be worrying and might lead to a drop in quality, but I think is a statement of intent from my favourite production company. Predicted Box Office Gross: $800+ million worldwide It€™s Pixar, and it is in 3D. It€™s going to make tonnes of cash. The only thing that might harm this is the multitude of Scottish accents, and the biggest spending audience for this film is the same country that chased Cheryl Cole back across the Atlantic for saying €˜alright€™ as €˜alreet€™. How will they respond to an all star cast of Scottish people? Tomorrow: I evaluate how well The Amazing Spider-Man shoots his web... and stuff like that.
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