Biggest Films of 2012 - Looper

Rian Johnson’s first attempt at big budget action with a high concept should reap impressive results, but until footage and more story details are seen it could be difficult to judge whether this film can live up to its interesting premise.

Release Date: 28th September On the first day I gave you The Heavens, the earth, light, darkness and The Hunger Games. A day later there was Heaven and The Avengers. Then on the third day Prometheus joined dry land, the seas and vegetation and the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that man could fight the dinosaurs and the homosexuals. The introduction of the sun, the moon and the stars joined Brave on the fourth day. After introducing living creatures in the water and birds in the air I also introduced The Amazing Spider-Man on day 5. Then The Dark Knight Rises joined the ranks of the land animals and the people on Day 6. However instead of resting like some layabouts on the 7th day I decided to perk you all up with a laboured and egotistical comparison to god and Looper; a film I believe could be the shock smash hit of the year. WHAT COULD BE AWESOME ABOUT IT: A high concept, sci-fi action thriller? Come on now; if it had Christopher Nolan€™s name behind it the buzz-ometer would be ready to give the film a knighthood and an honorary plaque on Pluto. Sadly it doesn€™t have a huge producer or budget behind it to throw glorious amounts of empty air fanboy talk in our faces. However it does have Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis playing opposite each other, which is a concept enough to warrant a place on this list as this could be this year€™s answer to Inception, The Matrix, Blade Runner and generally all things kick-ass. The intrigue of this idea (that an assassin (JGL) sent through time to kill a target recognises an older version of himself (Bruce Willis) in the future and hesitates, allowing him to escape) tickles all the interest of sci-fi fans. It€™s intriguing, it€™s potentially confusing and it involves two awesome leads potentially fighting each other or fighting swathes of other future dwelling assassins, either way it both makes me excited and gives me a headache as my inner mind ninja darts from one possibility to another. Furthermore this film is helmed and written by one of the few people to ever make a film-noir that isn€™t a method of sending 5 year olds bouncing on the walls due to a smoothie of Dr. Pepper, Red Bull, MSG and Skittles to sleep; Rian Johnson. The guy behind the breathtakingly pacey and intelligent Brick is turning his apt talents to sci-fi, which promises a film filled with style, verve and clever dialogue, anchored by the biggest up and coming star in Hollywood and one of its finest institutions. WHAT COULD SUCK ABOUT IT: Until we see actual footage it€™s going to be a difficult film to judge. If it gets too lost in its concept it could be this years In Time, an interesting film which fails to deliver on a technical and story basis; if it ignores the interesting implications of such a turn of events and just turns it into an action film it could be this years €˜it could have been good.€™ Preferably, I would like to see Joseph Gordon Levitt€™s young assassin have an emotional epiphany as he watches a grizzled, older self still murdering people and tries to turn away from that world, much to the disgruntlement of his employers and has serious ramifications throughout the loops (see what I did there?) of time. If that€™s the concept it will be A. Awesome and B. An ego boost for me and will convince me to take my future predicting circus show on the road, from which I will become a very successful and rich psychic who one day rules the world. A difficult balance, if the already proven Rian Johnson can handle the bigger responsibility of a bigger release action film whilst keeping in his own narrative charm and cleverness it could rock, if it gets too Hollywood-ised it could just as easily disappoint through every time loop. Predicted Star Rating: 4/5 Rian Johnson€™s first attempt at big budget action with a high concept should reap impressive results, but until footage and more story details are seen it could be difficult to judge whether this film can live up to its interesting premise. Predicted Box Office Gross: $100 - $200 million worldwide Its budget is one of the smallest on the list and it€™s sell ability is in its concept and in its stars, whether that is enough to entice audiences in a year full of sequels, adaptations and reboots (It€™s one of only two original concepts on the list) is difficult to see. It does come in during a lull in the calendar which could play in its favour, or it could go all Scott Pilgrim on us. Either way this film sounds interesting to the very end.
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