Biggest Films of 2012 - Men in Black 3 & Others To Look Out For

Including Wrath of the Titans, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Dredd & more!

Previously; The Hunger Games, The Avengers,Prometheus, Brave, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rose, Looper, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Django Unchained and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Obviously I couldn€™t cover every film of the year because that would ruin the point of the piece, I€™m lazy, people would just stop caring and I had just about run out of ways to preposterously introduce each film. Despite my limitations, there are a lot of smaller films or films that I haven€™t mentioned which will definitely be worth a watch in the coming months€Or at least may be worth a bit of your time when they turn up for their network premier on channel 4. WRATH OF THE TITANS: I know, I know. The first one€™s disappointment was on a par with waking up on the wrong side of the bed on the day of your mothers funeral and finding out your pet rabbit has eaten all the lettuce (the bugger) however this one does look better. If ever slightly, if you have money to spare on a harmless piece of popcorn cinema this could be one for you; and at least they€™ve gotten a slightly better tag line than €˜Titans Will Clash€™€I mean come on now. Watchability factor: 2/5 AMERICAN REUNION:

After making as many films as the Saw franchise and making 4 through to 7 as excruciating as being involved in one of Jigsaws more malicious traps involving that girl who rejected you in secondary school, a cheese grater and your genitals, a studio executive has finally seen sense and brought the original cast back together. Granted, their antics did get tired by The Wedding, but the trailer looks funny and like they€™ve taken a different (slightly) more mature edge to their humour. It could be the comedy of the year. Watchability factor: 4/5 MEN IN BLACK 3: Following a monumental disappointment in the shape of Men In Black 2, which somewhat undermined the franchises potential to be the next Ghostbusters, the producers took a long, hard look at themselves, hopefully quit and got new producers to take long, hard looks at themselves and crank out a third film. Which involves time travel. Plot details are scarce but I€™m hoping it involves them going back in time to wipe the attempts to make the second one, and inherently removing it from our subconscious€™. Here€™s hoping it works. Watchability factor: 3/5 ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER Potentially something that could be one of the most fun films in years, the very premise of a stuffy US President murdering Edward Cullens with a blunt axe is one so deliriously fun and mouth-watering that most likely each individual kill will reach cult status somewhere in the greater regions of the universe. The first trailer looks interesting, if it the melodrama is done in a tongue and cheek manner this film could be highly gratifying. If it is actually taking itself seriously then it could fall on its ass. Watchability factor: 4/5 DREDD: Remake of a somewhat unappreciated original (by original I mean the vast majority of humanity would enjoy seeing it burnt and the people behind it put to the sword) this could be one of the sleeper hits of the year. As of yet it has very little buzz going but it comes in the post-summer lull and could be a huge success. Karl Urban is a very capable actor in his first big leading role so that should make it an interesting watch and this has been promised to be a more gritty, hardcore action film. Definitely worth a look at. Watchability factor: 4/5 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4: If you€™re one of those bizarre people who thinks the feeling of being comfortable in your own bed is just a marketing scheme and what you need is the overwhelming feeling that you€™re being monitored and creeped on by evil demons out to possess you and make you kill your husband, this is definitely a film for you. Following on from the incredible success of its 3 predecessors the company behind it is looking to cash in whilst it is still hot. Despite mumblings that its format is becoming tired and formulaic, this should be the big scare of the year. Watchability factor: 3/5 THE GREAT GATSBY: Baz Luhrmann has been somewhat quiet since his somewhat critically disappointing epic Australia. However adapting a classic novel fronted by awesome leads Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and, ahem, Tobey Maguire; this could see him back to form and back on peoples minds again. After wowing us with the energy packed, acid trip romp of Moulin Rouge! He is someone who most definitely needs to be taken seriously. Hopefully this will see it happen. Watchability factor: 4/5 Any I€™ve missed? Tell me what you are looking forward to seeing this year and what you think the potential is for these movies.
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