Biggest Films of 2012 - Prometheus

Ridley Scott's return to his Alien franchise could be THE film of the summer.

As the boringly predictable awards season has now come to a close, we can look forward, sidewards, upwards and diagonally (basically any way but backwards) to the rest of 2012. Join me as I take an objective, fair and (dare I say it) borderline humorous look at the biggest blockbusters and films to grace our screens in the coming months. Day by day for the next 10 days I will give my thoughts and opinions on the biggest films 2012 has to offer, all in the name of good debate and buzz building ahead of this year€™s cinema. After Tuesday's The Hunger Games, and yesterday's The Avengers, we now move on to Prometheus. Release Date: 1st June WHAT COULD BE AWESOME ABOUT IT: I whole heartedly believe this film is destined to make a smoothie out of The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit and defecate it onto Breaking Dawn Part 2€™s face. The real question is what could NOT be awesome about Prometheus. The film sees Ridley Scott return to the epic franchise he created, and then left to be destroyed by anyone who touched it afterwards. No matter, because he€™s back and this time teamed with Lost scribe Damon Lindelof to erase everything that followed his space noir classic Alien from our haunted minds and dial it up to 11 for this, truly awesome looking, indirect prequel to a film that had my skin acting like the dust shadow of a Loony Tunes character. It also features some truly wonderful casting, Noomi Rapace in her first MAJOR English Speaking role (I know she was in Sherlock Holmes 2, but that discovery only came via me analysing each individual still frame with a microscope and emailing Warner Bros. To double check, I still don€™t entirely believe it), Michael Fassbender who should be in every film that is ever made from now until the day he retires, at which point the movie businesses should cease to exist. Not to mention this film also has Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Patrick Wilson and Guy Pearce on the billing. The trailers look incredible, a great display of faith behind a film which carries no direct naming link to its predecessors and, in an era where sequel marketability is key, is heartening to see. Bigwig execs believe in this movie, as they should. It€™s going to kick ass. WHAT COULD SUCK ABOUT IT: ... Hmm ... In the spirit of balance and journalistic integrity, I€™ve decided to include a couple of potential snags that could hamstring Prometheus€™ Alien speed race towards Summer glory. Although its an indirect prequel of sorts, it€™s still going back to try and address the mythology of the original (mainly the space jockey) along with creating a new one, if they can do this in a subtle manner it won€™t be a big deal. However if it spends too long trying to plainly explain things that were, at first, mere subtle backdrops for the fan boys to make the big deal about, not the film makers, then it could start to plod. The fact it€™s (rumoured) to be a PG-13...Hmm. Although I read a very good point that Scott's original would probably be a PG-13 or a Mature (12A and 15) these days but the fact that Scott originally wanted a hardcore R-Rated film and isn€™t getting one shows that concessions have been made with this project, the question of how far and how deep they go we will have to find out when we see the film, but it could undermine the films potential somewhat. Trailer; Predicted Star Rating: 5/5 Just look at it! Look at its beauty! I didn€™t do a trailer review for this film because all I had to offer was a picture of my melted face, which as apt as it would be, may have broken some PCC regulations. You€™ve heard it from me first, this is going to be THE film of the summer. Predicted Box Office Gross: $300 million worldwide This is a little unspecific, due to how this film could go in the Box Office stakes. Whilst it will most definitely bring the original fans out of fan boy drooling comas and will most certainly make a profit; in a year full of big franchises and direct sequels it€™s difficult to see Prometheus, which has no direct link to the original Alien franchise and might be a difficult sell to newer audiences, competing on a grand scale. However as it is Fox€™s big release of the Summer, you can be sure they will throw all their weight behind it. There should be a second instalment following this one. Here€™s hoping anyway. Tomorrow: I push Brave€™s courage to the test and make it go one on one with me (...these are truly awful aren€™t they?)
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