Biggest Films of 2012 - Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained

Sure to feature brilliant performances and sharp dialogue, however it could suffer from the Tarantino air of over indulgent ego mania.

After beginning our quest across 2012 cinema with The Hunger Games; heir of Bilbo and the ring bearer for our journey. Who was then joined boy his loyal and faithful gardener; The Avengers; his cousins and added for some comic relief chums Prometheus and Brave. We were then guided wisely by a grey gentleman with a pointy hat, and who says things in a deep voice to sound ponderous and wise in the shape of The Amazing Spider-Man. Who were then further accompanied by The Dark Knight Rises, human and heir to the throne of Gondor, and a bow wielding elf with blonde hair and a quality rapper ( called Looper. Who are also accompanied by a dwarf with a ginger beard and a sad disposition called The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. Our group, fellowship if you will, is completed on Day 9 with Django Unchained; son of the steward of Gondor and prepared to die halfway through this piece, as he does in every film. (I am fully aware The Hobbit would be a more sensible choice for this introduction, however I€™m going for putting the biggest film at the end because it€™s more recognisable, a bigger film and I am a corporate whore). Release Date: 25th December (US) 18th Januaray 2013 (UK) WHAT COULD BE AWESOME ABOUT IT: Well it€™s Quentin Tarantino; writing and directing once again after spending too much of his time pondering his own sanity after calling The Three Musketeers his favourite film of 2011. Thankfully for us he managed to avoid the insane asylum and required lobotomy long enough to close of 2012 with sure fire Oscar buzz generating Django Unchained; a spaghetti western based around black slaves in America. It could be hard hitting, brilliant and Tarantino cutting to the core of historical context in a way only he can€Or it could go all Inglorious Basterds on us€Either way it€™s quite a prospect. Furthermore it reunites him with two actors who he eked out the best performances of their career, Christoph Waltz and Samuel L Jackson, and sees him team up with Leonardo DiCaprio who is most likely using his last big name director card to try and shake the label of being the most under-appreciated actor in Hollywood and can get his hands on that little gold statue; at which point who knows what might happen to him. He could explode, he could cry, he could go all Jafar from Aladdin on us or just accept it with the same speech he€™s had written since the first time he should have won for Gilbert Grape. Can you honestly say you€™re not excited? Of course not€ (Unless you can, in which case fair does). Also the concept is truly fascinating, not in a normal directors hands, but in Tarantino€™s? It could go ANYWHERE. It could be a hard hitting emotional period drama, or a ramble through deserts which ends in a rather unnecessary blood bath; which way will it go? I don€™t know. But I can€™t wait to find out. WHAT COULD SUCK ABOUT IT: I€™m aware I touch hallowed territory by even coming close to criticising Tarantino on the film part of a website; but this is balanced journalism and it gives me a chance to say that I don€™t like Quentin Tarantino very much. Now after your eyes have stopped being on fire, let me explain why€ Despite loving his original piece, Reservoir Dogs, he has since then struck me as a man who is so aware of his own intelligence and film making ability that he does little but indulge that. Pulp Fiction is a well-made, occasionally funny nothing film which is not about anything besides how clever and well-made it is; Kill Bill is just a random collection of action sequences tied together by an interesting revenge story but again too focused on the bits that show off Tarantino the best. Inglorious Basterds is a very good film which is sadly too long as he packs it with his most intelligent dialogue to the extent that the point of everything is lost in all the words. I€™m not just saying these things to be controversial, I am very aware that the same things I dislike about Tarantino€™s films other people love about them. I€™m not here to criticise that. I€™m here to say that if Tarantino once more goes on an indulgence parade with Django Unchained as he tackles possibly uncomfortable subject matter in an over the top, word heavy manner just for the sake of breaking taboos and earning plaudits because of it; it could come across as a tired, different setting rehash of all the clever little things we€™ve seen him do so many times before. If he goes back to the talent that sparkled in Reservoir Dogs, this could be one of the best films ever made. Predicted Star Rating: 3.5/5 Going to feature brilliant performances and sharp dialogue, however could have the Tarantino air of over indulgent ego mania which could drive the film away from a strong narrative and point. Predicted Box Office Gross: $300m Opens in a difficult period; straight after The Hobbit but has huge stars at the front and a big name behind the camera, this will bring in the money and get itself recognised in awards season but will not set the world on fire.
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