Biggest Films of 2012 - The Amazing Spider-Man

In a year full of superhero movies with massive ensembles, The Amazing Spider-Man could play out to be the ginger haired step son of this summer’s costume based blockbusters.

After going out for dinner with The Hunger Games on Tuesday, making love with The Avengers by Wednesday, and on Thursday with Prometheus, then getting down on Friday with Brave, it€™s time for The Amazing Spider-Man on Saturday which, you know, comes afterwards. Release Date: 22nd June (US) 30th June (UK Premiere) WHAT COULD BE AWESOME ABOUT IT: In a year full of superhero movies with massive ensembles (The Avengers, The Dark Knight), The Amazing Spider-Man could play out to be the ginger haired step son of this summer€™s costume based blockbusters. Thankfully however, despite being over shadowed by The Avengers advertising campaign and TDKR Mars sized bee hive of buzz, the early glimpses of this film make it look focused, lovingly made and like it has had real attention poured on to it. This is refreshing for a franchise action film, which is often flippantly churned out for the sake of it (I€™m looking at you The Avengers). The most refreshing part of this film€™s first trailer is the rather new focus on story. This is an origins tale, but is a different one to the franchise it€™s rebooting. It tantalises more depth of emotion than other summer action flicks; it might take a little longer to get into it, but if it works out the way it looks this could be the film you talk about long after 2012. Furthermore, this film threatens to do what no marvel character based superhero film has done before and actually stamp visual style and finesse on the storytelling, which we can thank just-breaching-the-big-time director Marc Webb for, because we may finally be getting a film that is interesting to look at for a reason that isn€™t just explosions. The casting as well looks strong, with Andrew Garfield set to amplify his teen (ok, me) heartthrob status by squeezing himself into spandex and bringing a pretty bad ass attitude to beating up lizards in the shape of Rhys Ifans and wooing half angelic/half horrifying looking blonde Emma Stone. WHAT COULD SUCK ABOUT IT: I am not a fan of Sam Raimi€™s Spider-Man films, I€™m of the opinion that any man who gives Spider-Man an emo fringe and makes him dance should receive electric shock treatment a la Requiem For A Dream; therefore the first issue I bring up won€™t be one for me, but is very a real one: it€™s a very, very recent reboot of a well loved franchise. I for one danced when Spider-Man 4 was cancelled, sang joyfully when Sam Raimi was kicked to the curb and ran naked through a water fountain when Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb were brought on board; but many others did not, and the first issue with this film will be the ease of comparison to be made to the very well received originals. If any part of it misses a beat, it will be seized upon and torn to shreds by online fanboys who are already calling this film pointless. Comparisons with the original trilogy will be easy to make as they are so fresh in our minds, if the Amazing Spider-Man comes off badly once, it could spoil the experience. Also some bits of the trailer look a little superhero cliché, with everyone turning on the masked saviour of the universe for nothing other than to add a little bit more of unintelligible (he€™s here to HELP you, you utter buffoons) spice to the narrative. Dennis Leary€™s €˜Arrest warrant€™ speech in the trailer is needless and creates parallels with Baz Luhrman€™s Romeo + Juliet, which isn€™t a particularly positive thing (however if Leo DiCaprio turned on Tybalt with an acrobatic, unitard wearing, ninja kick it may have made that worth watching). Trailer; Predicted Rating: 4.5/5 Despite tearing apart my eyes and replacing them with awesome only vision orbs of amazingness the first time I watched both trailers, more attention suggests this could stray a little on the comfortable side of narrative. Although that€™s only one aspect, this film looks awesome in every sense of the word. Predicted Box Office Gross: $700+ million worldwide Could be a difficult summer for this film which is rather cruelly bookended by The Avengers, Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises, as well as dealing with the fact a lot of people see it as needless. However quality of film making will win it and should ensure a healthy profit.
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