Biggest Films of 2013 - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

hunger games Well would you fancy this, the film everyone fancied to be the new Twilight turned out to be quite Twilight-ish in nature but without that... Oh what is it, oh yeah. Naffness. So despite our efforts it's difficult not to be excited about the next addition of this not-yet-tiring franchise, irrespective of the stupid ending (I know, I know, it's based on a book, it still stinks).

What Could Be Awesome About It:

Jennifer Lawrence is a very talented actress and as long as she is apart of this franchise it will always have a lead that is exciting to watch act, and just watch in general...every day. Forever. Adding Phillip Seymour Hoffman as well is a major coup, considering the only films he ever does is award bait; it really shows off just how well respected and appreciated this franchise is. This edition will also benefit from the sequel effect in that it will be given a bigger budget, more studio attention and therefore will have the production values it didn't quite get in the first one. (I.e: that fire looked effing stupid) Another theme I am excited to see explored is the notion that Katniss and Peetas love was faked, though I assume it probably won't be, I left the cinema with that impression that they just did what they needed to to survive The Games and will Thor's brunette brother have much of an impact on this relationship? So far this has given off the remarkable edge of merging the things done badly in the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises but doing them well by hiring good actors, engaging action, engaging the characters and all and all making this a franchise people can be excited about without being a 14 year old girl.

What Could Suck About It:

Well excuse me for being a stickler for story, but from what I've read of catching fires plot. There's an overlong buildup. They enter the Hunger Games again. But this time with old winners. So it's like that scene in Gladiator....but for the entire movie? Hmm. It feels like they will need to push themselves a lot further to keep this film not feeling identical to the first, and then attempting to do this might make it all about the pumping up of the action and not about anything else. It's a world of fateful possibilities that follow the tricky sequel stage. Predicted Star Rating: 4/5 The Hunger Games was a brilliant example of how you adapt a teen novel and not make it hateable. Catching Fire, if it handles itself properly, will be nothing but a charming addition to this.
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