Billy Murray WILL Appear In GhostBusters Reboot

He still ain't afraid of no ghost.

Paul Feig€™s GhostBuster reboot will definitely be crossing the streams, or at least the generations, with the Hollywood Reporter stating that Bill Murray is now on-board in some sort of acting capacity. Details are as of yet scarce, and it€™s not known if Murray will be reprising the role of Peter Venkman (got to be the best case outcome) or just popping up in a blink and you€™ll miss it cameo, but either way is good news. Murray has always been hesitant about a Ghostbusters 3 due to the second movie€™s ignoble reputation, and "and was often name-checked by co-stars Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd as the reason a third film didn't materialise sooner". But if Murray€™s down to lend his chops here, it probably means what€™s he€™s seen of Paul Feig€™s reboot is really up to snuff. Plus, when is a Bill Murray cameo not a good thing? He€™s in Zombieland for about 4 minutes and arguably steals the movie, and if you€™ll recall, last Christmas he made a snappy but very funny contribution to the otherwise stagnant Dumb & Dumber To. More movie could probably do with 45 seconds of random-Murray action to be honest.
I€™ll admit I€™ve been a little reluctant to fully embrace the notion of a Ghostbusters movie without the err€Ghostbusters, but this news has really done my heart good. It€™s the sort of omen you want on a Monday morning. You can rejoice in the reunion of Murray and ghouls July 22nd next year.

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