Birds Of Prey: Everything We Know About The DCEU's Harley Quinn Spin-Off

1. The Film Could Tease The Future Inclusion Of Poison Ivy

DC Comics

Though this has yet to be publicly confirmed, Margot Robbie has been very vocal about wanting to include Poison Ivy in the DCEU. This move is highly anticipated by fans, for more reasons than just because Poison Ivy is a fierce and iconic villain.

There are certain storylines in which Poison Ivy is more than just a good friend of Harley's. In these iterations, Harley has finally had enough of the Joker's antics and leaves him.

This leads to Harley meeting and falling in love with Poison Ivy. Their dynamic is refreshing because much of their relationship is about the lasting effects of domestic abuse and the importance of self-healing. All the while, Ivy is never trying to change Harley, or make her a better person. Instead she's a supportive evil girlfriend, who accompanies Harley on many of her adventures going forward.

All else aside including Poison Ivy would bring the DCEU some much needed LBGTQ+ representation.


The IMPOSSIBLE Harley Quinn Quiz

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