Black Christmas Review: 2 Ups & 7 Downs

A late entry for 2019's worst film.

Black Christmas Imogen Poots 2019

If you weren't even aware that a second remake of the 1974 cult classic horror film Black Christmas was in the works, you'd be forgiven, considering how Blumhouse and Universal's marketing campaign was almost entirely non-existent.

It's almost as if the studios might've realised they've got a turkey on their hands and are simply dumping it quietly in cinemas for a quick return-on-investment, especially given its mere $5 million budget and the generally unfussed habits of even genre-savvy horror fans.

And while the trailers for Black Christmas 2019 at least suggested an amusingly satirical contemporary spin on the Yuletide slasher flick, this depressingly low-effort film is actually quite terrible in almost every single way.

Were it not for its decent performances and acceptable technicals, there would be almost nothing positive to say about this movie, which is without question one of the worst theatrically-released films of 2019.

We've still got Cats to go, of course, but it'll need to be mighty terrible to top this tripe. Even if you set your standards accordingly low - and they can't really be low enough - buyer beware...


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