Black Forest to Adapt Young Adult Sci Fi Tale 'Quarantine'

Black Forest Film Group have secured the rights to dystopian science fiction novel ‘Quarantine: The Loners’.

With the likes of €˜The Twilight Saga€™ and €˜The Hunger Games€™ cleaning up at the box office and with Cassandra Clare€™s €˜The Mortal Instruments€™ series slowly approaching on the horizon, it was inevitable that the studios would be scouring the bookshelves, libraries and their teenagers rooms for the next potential box office goldmine that is the young adult sci-fi series. Now comes word from Variety that Black Forest Film Group have secured the rights to dystopian science fiction novel €˜Quarantine: The Loners€™. The book was written by Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies (under the pen name Lex Thomas) and is set to be the first in a trilogy, as is the standard case for these sorts of things these days. The story is described as a cross between €˜The Warriors€™ and €˜Lord of the Flies€™ and concerns the outbreak of a virus, which is deadly to anyone who has been through puberty. When the US army quarantines a thousand teenagers inside a high school, the place becomes a battleground as the teens begin to form violent gangs based on former cliques. The story follows two brothers whose relationship is tested when a young girl comes between them. So we have action, teen gangs, a dystopian setting and ranging teen hormones. Everything we love about these things. No doubt one if not both of our teen heroes will show off their abs at least once. Hrabe and Voorhies will take a stab at adapting their material into a first draft screenplay for the studios. Mark Morgan, Kami Garcia, E. Thompson and Brett Hudson will produce for Black Forest with Rachel Miller and Jesse Hara of Tom Sawyer Entertainment.
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