Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Review - 7 Ups & 2 Downs

An innovative, unsettling interactive film.


Netflix's much-hyped Choose Your Own Adventure Black Mirror film Bandersnatch is available now on the streaming platform, arriving amid a mysterious marketing campaign and the release of a trailer just a day before the film dropped online.

The early response from both critics and fans alike seems to be generally positive, albeit with a few qualifiers.

Though it's clear that Bandersnatch is a demo for a concept which could be much more intricate and complex in the future, it is nevertheless an entertaining, gloriously meta tech-centric horror-show.

Does it sit up there with the best Black Mirror episodes? Surely not, but in blurring the line between film and video games, it presents a unique opportunity for Netflix, who with their 140+ million subscribers, are capable of bringing these envelope-pushing experiences to an unprecedented number of viewers.

If nothing else, it's a bold attempt to do something different, and though flawed, more often than not it's another deliciously dark offering from Charlie Brooker...

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