Black Panther: Every Character Ranked Worst To Best

6. Nakia

Marvel Studios

Played By: Lupita Nyong'O

When it comes to romantic interests, Marvel films don't really have a good record. Thor: Ragnarok scored well with Valkyrie, but other than her, results have been less than inspiring.

Luckily for Black Panther and Lupita Nyong'O's Nakia, Ryan Coogler knows how to paint proper human characters and T'Challa's ex (though they seem to have forgotten they actually split up at times) is interesting and complex in her own way.

Without her balancing Killmonger's more militant insistence on Wakanda needing to drop the veil (she believes the same thing for different, more humanist reasons), the end wouldn't happen as it does. And it's usually her that T'Challa turns to for advice, which says a lot for her importance in the film.

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