Black Widow Movie 2020: Everything We Know

Step aside, boys.


Captain Marvel will be the first female-led standalone film in the MCU, but seasoned Marvel fans have been waiting patiently for the first lady of the Avengers to get her own solo effort. And now it seems those prayers have been answered as a Black Widow movie is on its way for Phase 4.

Scarlett Johansson has starred as Natasha Romonaff in six Marvel films, and is arguably the foundation that holds the Avengers together. Needless to say, the KGB spy-turned-S.H.I.E.L.D. operative is long overdue her own title.

It was recently announced that the film will begin production much earlier than originally suspected. Cameras will roll on February 28th and will take place in two locations: Miami and Croatia.

Making a Black Widow film makes so much sense after the success of DC’s Wonder Woman, and the high anticipation from fans for Captain Marvel.

A Natasha Romanoff film would definitely be something new for Marvel to experiment too, given her background in espionage and lack of superpowers.

Once you start digging there are quite a lot of concrete details, letting us get a solid idea of what Black Widow will look like.

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