Black Widow Movie Finds Director, But Has The Time Passed?

Joining Doctor Strange 2 and Guardians 3 in Phase 4.

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After holding talks with over 70 different directors, Marvel have finally found the person to lead their long-overdue Black Widow movie: Cate Shortland. The director was already the frontrunner when the rumoured shortlist was leaked early this year, with star Scarlett Johansson in particular apparently pushing for Shortland's involvement in the project.

Though little else is known about the movie, the confirmation did bring with it the fact that the project will be set before the original Avengers. While many fans assumed the flick would have to be a prequel, no doubt delving into how Natasha got that red in her ledger, this confirms that, like Captain Marvel, the MCU will once again be jumping back in time in Phase 4.

Shortland herself is a strong choice to helm the flick, after proving her talents with both Lore and Berlin Syndrome. The untitled Black Widow movie will no doubt be more grounded than other entries in the MCU, and if it delves into the hero's covert past as a spy and assassin, it should be a perfect fit for Shortland's skills.


While many may argue the time has passed for Marvel to get their act together and make a Black Widow movie, a MCU spy-thriller genre flick is undoubtedly an exciting prospect, and gives fans yet another project to look forward to in the mysterious post-Avengers 4 world.

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