Black Widow Stand-Alone: 10 Things Marvel Must Do

Widow's all-but-announced solo movie has a lot riding on it.

Black Widow
Marvel Studios

Ever since her first onscreen appearance in the otherwise lifeless Iron Man 2, fans have been clamouring for a standalone Black Widow movie - and now it seems they might finally be getting it.

Marvel President of production Kevin Feige recently semi-confirmed that a Black Widow movie is in active development, despite a slightly worrying lack of any official announcement, release date or title. But still, it's on the way.

While this is well overdue (there was a disastrous project years ago that was killed by Aeon Flux, weirdly), both in terms of the studio's lack of female-led movies and star Scarlett Johansson's long tenure in the franchise, there's still a lot that needs to be done to ensure it's a movie worth making. It's no good it just being done for the sake of diversity.

These, then are the many boxes Marvel needs to tick in order to do Natasha Romanoff's story justice...

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