Blade Reboot To Focus On A Female Lead?

It could feature the vampire hunter's daughter.

A mooted Blade reboot's been in the planning stages for a while, but concrete news detailing active development has been hard to come by. Things looked up when star Wesley Snipes chimed-in enthusiastically on the subject a few weeks back, and now rumours are leaking that a potential film might focus on Blade's daughter, Fallon Grey. This is strictly a rumour, but it does make sense for Snipes to hand over the baton at this point. Due to his own legal difficulties, the actor's star has waned considerably since 2004's Blade: Trinity, a film also generally regarded as one of the worst comic-book adaptations of all time. 1998's Blade and 2001's Blade 2 were solid hits for Snipes, but it does feel like his moment has perhaps passed. Giving him a daughter to train would allow the actor to bid farewell, whilst pushing the series in a progressive new direction.
By bringing a totally fresh heroine to the fore, Marvel can really reset from ground-level, and appeal to a whole new generation of fans. Vampires definitely aren't as hot as they were a few years ago (flops like Fright Night, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and TV's Dracula suggest as much), but perhaps Blade can revitalise them in the popular consciousness. Blade's an established brand, and with a new lead and sense of purpose, the series might be able to override culture's current blood-sucker fatigue. Does this sound like a wise idea? Is it time for Snipes to hand over vampire-pummeling duties? Any casting ideas for Fallon? Let us know in the comments below.
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