Blake Lively, Abbie Cornish & Teresa Palmer Fighting For Oliver Stone's SAVAGES

Like many of the great American directors of the 1970s and 1980s, Oliver Stone has cut something of an enfeebled figure in comparison with past glories. Since his imperious peak with labyrinthine biopic Nixon in 1995 his work has, broadly speaking, been a case of diminishing returns. Only the most stubborn of contrarians would try and draw favourable comparisons between Platoon, JFK, Wall Street and recent films such as Alexander, World Trade Centre and W. His next project Savages, however, has fomented great anticipation with its pulpy thriller narrative and host of stars already attached, and now, Stone his set to name his leading lady with a string of starlets competing for the part. The role is that of a kidnap victim named O, and friend of two cannabis dealers played by Aaron Johnson (Kick Ass) and Taylor Kitsch (Gospell Hill). Adding considerable star power to the film will be Benicio Del Toro and Salma Hayek as prominent members of the drugs cartel that stage O€™s kidnapping. Since Jennifer Lawrence had to give up the part due to a clash with her shooting The Hunger Games, the favourite to replace her has for a while been Tron Legacy's Olivia Wilde, however, Variety have reported that a number of young actresses have read for the part includingBlake Lively and Teresa Palmer. However, since the announcement that Palmer is likely to be shooting zombie romance Warm Bodies alongside Nicholas Hoult this summer, she may already be out of the running. Deadline would later add Abbie Cornish to the list of potentials. Stone has written the screenplay with Shane Salerno (Alien Versus Predator- Requiem) and Universal have already picked up North American distribution rights although no potential release date has been suggested. The movie films this summer.
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