I'll be laying down my cash on these two Humphrey Bogart/John Huston black-and-white classics from the 1940's on Blu-ray when they street in October, no question. The Maltese Falcon is a pure, pure noir as you will find and if you are unschooled on one of the great 20th century American genre's then it's a great starting point because all of the fundamentals of what makes a film noir great, are all here. In fact, it is thee starting point. The first of it's kind. The Treasure of Sierra Madre is the greatest Bogart screen performance and one of the greatest films of all time, so it's release can't be ignored. But, with the minority niche crowd that 60 year old back catalogue Blu-ray releases will be aiming towards - the collector I guess, or the real film aficionado, who understand that Blu-ray is a high-quality format that marks the best these movies have looked since they first played in cinema's - then why do such a lousy job on the cover art? Both movies are littered with gorgeous one-sheet artwork pieces that to photoshop them in this way just seems a crime. I guess The Maltese Falcon one isn't overly awful and might get a pass, but compared to the theatrical poster or better yet, the custom cover that WB created from for the two-disc special edition, it's just baffling... The Treasure of the Sierra Madre again, deserves better.Warner Bros. Home Video have tried to make it look like The French Connection or Training Day but come on, embrace the nostalgia. Outside of film buff's, no-one under the age of say - what - 50 years old are going to buy this Blu-ray anyway. WB should embrace it's origins. The Blu-ray cover is how you would market an obscure Bogart film that no-one has heard of, not a classic adventure like Sierra Madre. Though I will shut-up and definitely not complain if these transfers are as high quality as Casablanca, the best looking black-and-white Blu-ray I own.

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