I'm 15 mins shy from jumping in my car to make it in time for an 11am screening of Tony Scott's latest, crazy actioner with Denzel Washington - the 20th Century Fox runaway train movie Unstoppable that opens Nov. 24th. My colleague Adam Rayner has already seen it, and although his review is pending, did shoot me across this email last week;
It's like Jaws with a Train. Or more accurately Jaws: The Revenge rough cut with a Train. I've never seen so many members of the press jump out of their seats at the end of a screening and run out of the building.
I'm guessing this isn't because of the 1895 effect of the audience being so terrified of the train coming towards them? No, it can't be. This one isn't in 3D (thank God!)... I'm in a curious position with Tony Scott. I never usually enjoy the trailers for his features but I'm always there, excited to see his films, every time he has something new to show. I thought his version of The Talking of Pelham 123 was a kick-ass, very cool contemporary cover of a classic concept that in some points bettered the original (in other places it didn't, but I liked the back story of Ryder) and it entertained me. His films are always on the high-scale of the year's popcorn fodder. So despite Adam's negatives, I'm hopeful. Just as long as the film remains logical (as Pelham did right until Denzel became a New York running John McClane) and the threat of the train doesn't skew the elements, and there's not to much CGI, and Tony Scott keeps himself interested with his premise. Also, we know Denzel will be on his game but more curious am I for Chris Pine. I've never seen him outside of his Kirk performance which hinted that he was the real deal. Good or bad, I will let you know soon.

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