BOND 23 Should Involve Swiss/Russian Conspiracy

Following on from reports a couple of weeks back claiming that MGM's approved bankruptcy would pave the way for filming on Bond 23 to begin in November, now comes word that a Manhattan judge has approved Chapter 11 and composer David Arnold (who has scored 007 movies for the past 15 years) claims that the film is definitely 'back on'. New studio heads Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum should be able to clear their debts in a few weeks allowing MGM to begin making films again. And screenwriter Peter Morgan should, unquestionably, trash whatever plot he has half-written and change it to one that would see Britain's famous Spy taking down an aging, bald, Swiss boss whose corrupt organisation is in cahoots with Russians and the Arabs. Make him the spitting image of Sepp Blatter and as Number one says in From Russia With Love - "Let his death be a particularly painful and humiliating one" Anyway, whilst all this was going on - ITV4 were actually showing a re-run of From Russia With Love. You just can't make this up!
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