BOND 23 Will Shoot In India Says Daniel Craig!

28 years after Roger Moore scooted down the streets of Udaipuruit during a tuk-tuk chase in Octopussy, James Bond will be returning to India!

With Daniel Craig currently hard at work promoting Cowboys & Aliens around the globe, many of his interviews are inevitably eager for gossip on the next James Bond film due to start filming later this year. While being interviewed by The Telegraph of India, Craig let slip that India has been confirmed as a shooting location for Bond 23 and according to James Bond fansite, core members of the production team are expected to be in the country for three months from January 2012. So we can probably assume that a major portion of the film will take place over there. It€™s been 28 years since Bond was last in India for Roger Moore€™s sixth outing, Octopussy in 1983. Filmed on location in Udaipurit proved then to be a highly memorable location not least for the superb tuk-tuk chase through the city streets. As well as revealing what could be a key location for the new film, Craig has stated in a more in-depth interview with The Times of India that;
€œThe script is in really, really good shape and I'm sure there will still be changes because that's just the way it is. But if we shot the script we have at the moment, we'd be in a good way."
It would certainly seem that the recent forced hiatus for the Bond franchise during MGM€™s recent financial crisis will in fact prove to be a positive factor on the film. The pre-production process for Bond 23 has been a lengthy one which is in stark contrast to Quantum of Solace, which according to Craig in an interview in The Telegraph (UK edition) this weekend, €œhad to be cobbled together because it was made in the midst of the writers€™ strike, and it had an effect on the finished product, no doubt.€ Expectations are high for this next instalment and it would seem that Bond 23 is shaping up to be an exciting prospect. With an a-list director on board (Sam Mendes), Craig well established in the lead role, Javier Bardem as the villain with Ralph Fiennes in a major role and a welcome return for classic characters (Naomie Harris as Miss Moneypenny leading to hope that Q might be back) it has the potential to be a great Bond film.

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