Bond 24: 15 Locations That 007 Should Visit Next

From beautiful historical cities to war-ravaged hellholes, here's where we want Bond to end up in 2015.

To say that James Bond is a jetsetter is an understatement- across 23 films (and not counting the 2 unofficial efforts), he has travelled to every continent bar Antarctica- you name it, Bond€™s probably been there. In his last mission, the billion dollar-grossing Skyfall, 007 took in Turkey, Shanghai and Macao before keeping it local by basing himself in London then Scotland. Not his most jam-packed travelogue, is it? Still, with the plot details for the next Bond film tightly under wraps, what happens is a mystery. But we can have fun and speculate where he might go. Here is a list of places all over the globe that Bond has either not visited in a long time or- more often than not- never been to before. The usual suggestions have been made, such as India and New York, whilst more and more people are keen for Bond to go to Australia for the first time. So the reader may not be expecting some of the suggestions made here. That€™s because there€™s only so many times that Bond can go to the same places, e.g. Venice, Istanbul. And as much as he€™s a smarmy git schmoozing his way through the luxury hotels of the world, he is a brutal killer and a former Naval Commander. So some of the suggestions are for when he€™s on a mission rather than wasting time by gambling and sleeping around. How long he spends in these places is not relevant- some of these may simply be a stop-off, or an opening sequence location. But these are locations Bond should visit in his fictional world. Some of the suggestions made here would be impossible for a crew to film in! Read on for some potential locales that Britain€™s finest secret agent could take in during his next adventure in 2015, from beautiful historical cities to war-ravaged hellholes. It€™s not advised to go to your travel agent with this list€

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