Bond 24: 8 Classic Characters That Should Be Reintroduced In Next Movie


Throughout the first three Daniel Craig James Bond films, crucial characters have been slowly re-introduced back in to the franchise, starting with Bond's CIA agent ally Felix Leiter in Casino Royale (along with Judi Dench reprising M) and most recently in Skyfall Q, Moneypenny, and the more traditional male M (Ralph Fiennes' Gareth Mallory). This has been part of the fun of the new Bond films, as well a sign of the liberty the producers have in this new continuity to reinvent classic characters. The question now remains, what other characters from the previous Bond films could make their way back in to the franchise, and what form would they take? This article will focus on several characters from the franchise's past that would be fascinating to revisit, and how they could be re-imagined for this new continuity. And don't worry, Christmas Jones will not be on this list.

8. Alec Trevelyan

alec Alec Trevelyan is a former 00 agent alongside Bond, as well his friend, in GoldenEye (1995). He faked his own death during a mission with Bond and nine years later returned, revealing himself as the man behind the theft of the Russian spaced based weapon, GoldenEye. Trevelyan plans to steal billions of dollars from the Bank of England and then use GoldenEye to eliminate the financial records, concealing the theft and throwing England's economy in to turmoil. All this is in revenge for this parents being betrayed by the British during WWII because they were Lienz Cossacks. Trevelyan was one of Bond's most personal battles due to their former friendship and presumed shared patriotism. In reintroducing Trevelyan back in to the franchise, it'd be interesting to show us the early days of Bond and Trevelyan's friendship- even make a film where the two work together on a mission. The film could still use the Lienz Cossacks backstory- though it'd probably make more sense for it to be Trevelyan's grandparents than parents- and hint at his eventual turn to the dark side, a la Anakin Skywalker. It'd also be a great opportunity to show us a little more of the 00 branch and what the other agents are like in the field- especially how another 00 agent would react to Bond's womanizing nature.
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