Bond 24 Delayed - 007 May Not Return Until 2016???

Skyfall-1 Skyfall director Sam Mendes' decision not to return for a follow-up may have put the immediate future of the James Bond film franchise in doubt. Following the double whammy news that the British helmer was focusing on his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stage musical instead of directing a sequel and that veteran 007 scribes Neil Purvis and Robert Wade were leaving the James Bond franchise after well over a decade of service, there is now huge doubt as to whether the previously announced November 2014 release date for Daniel Craig's next outing will actually be fulfilled. In a conference call with investors, MGM's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gary Barber sounded noticeably unsure about when James Bond will return to our screens. He said that they "are very excited about the franchise, we look forward to announcing a director soon. We are currently developing the screenplay and working with our partners. We look forward to developing the script soon and signing a director. We are hoping within the next 3 years it will be released." With no writer and no director attached, Bond 24 looks a long way for fulling the previously speculated Autumn/Winter shoot. Thankfully, rather than panicking and hiring any writer/director available, MGM and the Bond producers look like they are taking the wise step to not rush into an appointment to fullfil a release date, something which Quantum of Solace and especially the previous Pierce Brosnan movies could be accused of to their determent. Certainly Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros' model of taking their time with unleashing the Batman movies and making sure they were the best they could be has resulted in far better films than in the 90s and phenomenal box office returns. However it is particularly surprising after its $1.108 billion worldwide box office haul ($304.4 million domestic, $804 million overseas... including becoming the biggest film in the UK in history) and the rabid interest in seeing a sequel as early as next year... that they have seemingly taken this decision. Also, let's remind ourselves that Daniel Craig is 45-years-old and it's somewhat surprising they aren't pushing to get as many films out of him before he turns 50. Having said all this, the comment that MGM are "hoping within the next 3 years it will be released" doesn't necessarily mean that Bond 24 won't come out in November of next year, or in 2015. If they find a writer/director they like in the coming months, there would seem no obvious reason to delay Bond 24 further. Click "next" below to read our 5 Directors Who Could Replace Sam Mendes For Bond 24...
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