Bond 24: Sam Mendes Will Direct Skyfall Sequel?

skyfall james bondUpdated: In a day that has been ALL about Bond 24 directing news... Deadline reported tonight that Sam Mendes may be back in contention to helm the Skyfall sequel. MGM and Sony Pictures have reignited talks with Mendes to follow-up the most financially successful 007 movie in the history of the franchise, a $1.1 billion smash hit that was universally loved last autumn. In truth, it was always Mendes' gig if he wanted it and for a while earlier in the year it looked like he was going to direct it but a mixture of anxiety over how to follow-up such a successful movie and his packed theatre schedule this year (his Charlie And The Chocolate Factory musical is now opening in London before going to Broadway... and he has a King Lear production on his plate) meant he pulled out. We had figured the Bond producers would simply wait for Mendes' schedule to come free but the past few weeks have seen a hastiness in development and talks opening with other candidates... which makes it surprising that Mendes has seemingly re-entered the frame. In fact, Deadline say anything we have read about anyone else directing is a "a moot point, because Mendes will be the director of the next Bond." So there you go... the Bond producers wanted Mendes all along... Mendes wanted to do it... and they are doing the right thing and waiting for when it can happen. John Logan is currently busy scripting Bond 24, which Daniel Craig would lead. Deadline say it will shoot early next year. All is right with the world once again. -ORIGINAL ARTICLE FOLLOWS- Variety have revealed a shortlist of potential candidates to direct the next James Bond film and Dark Knight trilogy helmer Christopher Nolan, rumoured two weeks again to have held early talks over the gig, is not named. Those named by the trade as being in the running at Sony Pictures and Eon Productions are; Shane Black (Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) - Could we expect a Bond at Christmas/Lethal Weapon style movie with Daniel Craig's 007 and Jeffrey Wright's Felix Leiter? Seriously though, would be a mega interesting choice, especially if he was given a chance to co-write. Tom Hooper (The King's Speech, Les Miserables) - He has somewhat become the master of attaching himself to zeitgeist, "can't fail at the box office" material and talented actors and again, would be an interesting choice. His directorial stamp is getting more prominent with each movie and I think he could make a kick-ass Bond. Ang Lee (Life Of Pi, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) - Obviously an accomplished veteran helmer but, despite the awards accolades Life Of Pi received (bizarrely in my mind), I'd be worried about him winning the gig. I feel something younger, hungrier and less in the comfortable stage of their career might be the way to go. CGI over practical effects says it all. David Yates (Harry Potter films) - After the success of his Harry Potter films, he is often at the top of director shortlist for big franchises properties. He's British obviously which helps after the success of Sam Mendes. His appointment would make sense for a lot of reasons. First Showing also had another name to add to this shortlist; Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives) - One wonders if his chances of directing a Bond movie have been greatly hurt by those reviews of his new movie coming out of Cannes. Having witnessed for myself one of the most bafflingly awful films I've ever seen at a film festival... a complete self-masterbuatory load of nonsense that was Only God Forgives... Sony would be wise to run a mile from hiring Refn. If they want to kill the Bond franchise for good, hire this guy.
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