Brad Bird talks The Incredibles 2

the-incredibles-1-sized.jpgBrad Bird's first movie since The Incredibles in 2004, Ratatouille is about to hit cinema's in the U.S. but what about his next project? Would he do a sequel to The Incredibles? Bird talks to AP (via Slash Film)...
I love the world. I love the characters, and if I could come with a story that was as good or better than the original, I€™d go there in a second. I have pieces of things that I would love to see in a sequel, but I haven€™t got them all together yet, and I certainly wouldn€™t want to come out there with something that is less than the original. € Sequels are not part of the business plan at Pixar. It€™s all about the filmmakers being passionate about going somewhere.
He is right sequels aren't usually on Pixar's mind but remember they made a sequel to Toy Story, and I know a lot of people who think that's even better than the original so it can be done. The characters of The Incredibles are so well defined in the original movie and with every superhero series there are so many other things you can do to continue the franchise. I would love to see a sequel to this thing and if Bird is passionate for doing it then I can't see why Pixar would stop him.

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