Brad Bird's Tomorrowland Poster Details Interesting Stuff

What can we learn ahead of the trailer reveal on Monday?

The first poster for Tomorrowland was definitely a 'teaser,' showing us just the T pin-badge that had such a key role in the teaser trailer. With a new, fuller trailer on the way on Monday, a new, fuller poster was in order. Here's that poster now, with several interesting new details. First of all, it's worth noting that the film's protagonist is missing. Casey, as played by Britt Robertson is Tomorrowland's lead character but she's nowhere to be seen. And neither is Athena, the other young female character with a key part to play. Instead, we have George Clooney as Frank and... well, we don't know. But I'd bet on that being Thomas Robinson, also as Frank. This would mean that the same character, at two different points on his timeline, is standing in the same field, at the same point in the continuum. Marketing and toy images have revealed that young Frank will get his own action figure, with a jetpack, so he's clearly got something substantial to do in the film. Have Disney's marketing consultants told them to leave girls out of the picture? Ach. Maybe. But as the new trailer isn't along until Monday there's a possibility that we'll get another poster or two first. Maybe tomorrow will bring Casey and Athena, and Sunday will bring Dave Clark and Dave Clark. I promise that will make more sense after you see the actual movie. Another point of interest is in what's present, not absent. Look the left of the Tomorrowland settlement and you'll see what looks exactly like Space Mountain. I presume it's going to take off and fly around, like the real Space Mountain... er... well, I can't say it actually does, because it doesn't, but it's supposed to. Sort of. In Disney lore. There's something interesting in the credit block too. You'll see that Walter Murch and Craig Wood are both listed as editors. According to Reddit, Murch said he was fired from the film part way through post production. Here's how Redditor everman 5 put it. "I saw Walter Murch speak last night. He started his speech saying he planned on talking about what he was working on, but he wasn't allowed to anymore since he had been fired that day. Just an interesting tid-bit from a talk given by a truly genius level creative mind. tl;dr: Disney fires best editor ever." That's a simplification boiled down to an even more extreme simplification, and so multiple professional editors replied and commented on how this was, actually, quite normal. But Murch is the Yoda of editing, and so it's probably a dinner party talking point at least. Try that one over Chocolate Mousse with your filmbuff buddies and let me know how you get on. It certainly doesn't leave me worried about the film's editing, I can tell you that. Tomorrowland is set for release across the UK and US on May 22nd, though in the UK, it's being called Tomorrowland: A World Beyond because just Tomorrowland is the trademark of a music festival. There you go, one more interesting thing about this poster before we're done.
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