Brad Pitt is Steve McQueen in Bullitt remake?

bullitt.jpgThere's an unconfirmed story that a remake of the Steve McQueen classic movie Bullitt is in the works. Brad Pitt is expected to take the role which he has been linked with for the last four years. The story comes from Monster and Critics and it's one of those that comes across more as a rumor than actual fact... but still it's a worrying thing to comprehend. Bullitt has one of the most exciting and thrilling chase scenes ever put on film and the addition of modern day cars and setting, won't improve it one bit. Why remake it if not for the fact that it's an opportunity for Brad Pitt to say "Look, I'm so cool in this car". Brad Pitt is cool, he shows that in the Ocean movies but I've never seen him as a Steve McQueen type. He doesn't have that intensity McQueen so easily brought to every character. If they are insisting on remaking a McQueen movie then everyone knows there's only guy who should do it.... Daniel Craig. source - the movie blog
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