Bradley Cooper Is THE CROW???

Upon first hearing the profoundly personally distressing news that a reboot of the Goth revenge opus The Crow was set to offend my every velvet clad sensibility, it was hard to repress the instinct to hurl my New Rocks at my laptop screen and retreat to the sanctuary of my chambers for the ameliorating boon of candle-light and early Cure vinyls. But upon reflection, it behoves me and my fellow creatures of the night to refrain from sharpening our eye-liner and marching en masse to the studios of Relativity Media to avenge the dark spirit of Brandon Lee. For, after all, the decision that Bradley Cooper - the pretty boy actor from The Hangover and Limitless - is thought of as being capable of honouring the original is a horrible sign for the new movie. The Hollywood Reporter say Cooper has entered talks to play lead Eric Draven in the newly announced reboot after flying over to Spain to meet with 28 Weeks Later writer/director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo who was hired this past Friday. After expressing his love for the material it turns out Cooper/Fresnadillo have a shared vision of what they want to do with the reboot and it looks like it's game on. Relativity's €œre-imagining€ of The Crow will supposedly employ a similair mythology to the late Brandon Lee€™s iconic portrayal, as the avenging spirit of his murdered wife, but it remains unclear at this stage whether this will follow on from the narrative of the previous films, or be a direct remake. Whichever is true, Cooper has a great deal of work to do to even be mentioned in the same breath as Lee that launched a thousand ill-advised adolescent face-paintings. Filming is pencilled in for the fall. Who would have thought Cooper would be the one to fill Brandon Lee's shoes?

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