Bradley Cooper's Indie THE WORDS Gets Impressive Cast

When the modest genre movie Limitless almost made an incredible $150 million worldwide on the backs of his (and I guess veteran Robert De Niro's) image alone, the cocky but charming Bradley Cooper unquestionably became a box office star. Aided by The Hangover series' immense popularity, Cooper now has the considerable power of choice, perhaps an actor's greatest weapon in the industry. Film offers are now coming his way all the time and he no longer needs to pick dire work to pay the mortgage but hopefully can pick the best scripts and to pursue creative, personal challenges. One movie that he is gearing up to make which we know has a great script (it hit the black list) is The Words, an Indie thriller he will lead about a writer who steals another writer's work in an act of plagiarism and then becomes famous but must pay the price for his sin. Shooting begins in a few weeks in Montreal and it marks the directing debut of Tron Legacy writers Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal. A full supporting cast has been announced via a press release. For a Indie film, there's plenty of notable names here... Olivia Wilde, Jeremy Irons, Zoe Saldana, Dennis Quaid, Ben Barnes, J.K. Simmons, John Hannah and Nora Arnezeder. That script must be real good. Waterfall Media/Untitled have the U.S. rights and Parlay Films are selling international. Everyone involved hope they have another Limitless hit on their hands and for Cooper, if he can strike it gold here, he could become a very powerful Hollywood leading man. His next film post-this will be The Place Beyond The Pines from Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance and star Ryan Reynolds. He is also circling a new adaptation of Paradise Lost and is desperate, desperate, desperate to play The Crow in the new remake to the Alex Proyas mid 90's hit. Personally... if I were DC... I would come right out and offer him The Flash as there is no-one else more perfect.
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