Brandon Routh the new George Lazenby?

breaks the news that the actor will not be back in the cape and tights. Warner Bros is pressing ahead with plans to make a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie (though the strike may delay the start, according to Anne Thompson at Variety) and the Man of Steel in that film could possibly end up carrying over to the next solo Superman film. This also signals the end of Bryan Singer's failed (and costly) attempt to revive the franchise. The next time we see a stand alone Superman film, it'll likely have nothing to do with the previous movies - a do-over, if you will. Singer's movie was a commercial and creative failure - yes, many people like his take on Superman but as a method of restarting a franchise it just doesn't work. SUPERMAN RETURNS works nicely if you want to position it as the final movie in the Richard Donner saga, but where exactly can you take the characters from there? Once the JUSTICE LEAGUE film was announced around a year ago it was clear that Singer's number was up. I do feel sorry for Brandon Routh, sadly caught up in the crossfire of studio politics. He wasn't given much opportunity to shine as Superman and the role, which should've acted as a career springboard for him, clearly didn't. In terms of his career, and the future of the Superman franchise, the best thing both can do is this: rip it up and start again. source - latino review, variety

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