Breaking: Tom Hiddleston IS In Talks For James Bond 25

It was only a matter of time before an Eton graduate went 007.


The very same day that everyone started talking about Jamie Bell as a possibility for James Bond, it looks like there's some more concrete news on who might be in talks to take over from Daniel Craig.

According to Birth Movies Death, who ironically questioned the validity of the Daily Mail's story that Tom Hiddleston had met Barbara Broccoli in secret - none other than Tom Hiddleston has met with the film's producers to talk about becoming 007.

Phil Nobile says a source "close to" the actor has told him that he's in advanced talks and is careful to say that "while talks have indeed taken place, and that Hiddleston very much wants the job (a fact of which hes made no secret), no official offer has been made - yet."


As he says, there are two possibilities here: either Daniel Craig has followed through on his claim that he'd rather kill himself than play Bond again, or they're trying to get a response out of him by openly talking to replacements.

Given the news that Craig has just signed on to Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky with Katherine Heigl, it would seem he's making himself unavailable. And it wouldn't be the worst thing: the time is now right for change and Hiddleston would be a great alternative. Anyone who saw The Night Watchman will already agree to that much.


Hiddleston is a more recognizable actor than Craig was at the time of his casting, and while he fits the brief of past Bonds (posh boys like Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan), he's also a little more edgy. And as a pleasant little link, he'd be the first Bond to graduate from the same school as both Bond and Ian Fleming - Eton College.

The idea of a more high class Bond would be a good tonic to Craig's more brusque version. He might have been posh too, but there was very much a sense that he was being positioned as a more relatable, working man's Bond. he had class, but he was never quite as regal as M. Maybe that's the best way to go?


Whatever the approach, let's just go for difference. Spectre wasn't beloved, and lots of people seem to be calling it a snooze-fest (they're wrong, but whatever), so proximity - even with Daniel Craig retained - might not be the most welcome thing.

Would you take Tom Hiddleston as Bond? Share your reactions below.

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